Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Yanli Home Quick Tip: Fashion

My girls absolutely love boots. Thank goodness we live in a state that allows us to do that often. Even though each of us (the girls) have at least one pair pair of skinny jeans we are not huge fans. Not that they aren't cute its just that our figures aren't made for them. We feel more comfortable in a relaxed fit jean which most times ends up being a pair of boot cut. Of course boot cut isn't the perfect pair of jeans for an Ugg or the like type of boot. My fix on this has always been to grab the bulk of the boot cut leg and neatly wrap it around my leg and slip my foot right into the boot.

My mini me's have also learned to do this but my youngest fashionista grumbles if everything isn't right from head to toe before school. Recently, Aliya complained about how her jeans ride up her leg and out of the boot before too long.

I came up with a quick fix and she tested it for two days with success. Yay! Gold star for Mommy.

I followed the same technique as mentioned above since it really does work but for her I took two strips of transparent tape. The width on day one was much slimmer than in this photo. I just grabbed what was available and Voila! it worked like a charm. I usually cuff it a little first before I tape in order for it to adhere better. Result a happy little camper on the way to school. Not to mention it was a cold and cloudy winter day. What fashion secrets do you have?


  1. I love this idea! I'm going to try this. New follower from MBC. http://lovelybeautifulsmiles.blogspot.com

    1. Hi Heather! Let me know how it works for you :-)


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