Thursday, April 26, 2012

Throw It All Together Spring Salad

Hi All! Yesterday I had a taste for salad at lunch. So I went shopping in my kitchen to see what I could throw together. Well we already had salad of course. Even though it says pre-washed. I post-wash mine every time; I'm just sayin'... ;-)  We had a left over rotissiere chicken from Sunday dinner so I grabbed that along with an apple for the the springiness (I know! That isn't a word). Even though the salad already had carrots in it, I threw in some extras because Aliya and I are the only ones who eat them so I didn't want them to go bad and Voila! Already for a little dressing. I'm not a big fan of store bought dressing but I haven't tried making my own yet either. So I used Kraft Light Italian House dressing. Oh darn I forgot to  add my almonds. Oh well still yummy to my tummy! If you'd like to share some of your homemade dressings for me to try. Please share.

I didn't really think that I needed to add an ingredient list since I posted it above but for those who love to keep recipes on hand. I decided to share it in a print friendly version for you. Enjoy!

Love your home and your body. Healthy eating!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Not A Bad Deal From Target

Yesterday I had to run one of those errands to grab much needed things so I went to Target. Lately I've been trying my best to be as frugal as possible. Changing jobs last year and coming home actually put me on a budget but what is really funny is I'm really noticing how far a buck can go and how much money I used to waste on things. I love, love, love Targay and I always have, but I'd always spend way too much than I'd anticipated once the register rang up my total. You see the emotions face in the lower left hand corner? Yep that would be my face every time I'd check out at Target because I wouldn't have a plan of attack before I entered.

So here is what I got plus feminine items that I didn't think I needed to share because well if you're female or not I'm sure you know what it is so there really there isn't any need. Let's keep some things to ourselves. Anyway, all of this for $30 baby!!!! I really think that this was good for me because usually I'm spending between $80 to close to under $100 :-|   

Most of these items that I'd usually buy would be the popular name brands like Crest or Softsoap but if they typically work the same way, why not pay $0.89 for something that I'd normally pay $2 and some change for. I don't know about you but I feel really good about my accomplishment. I walked out of there with three bags for $30 and with the happy face on the upper left hand corner. Happy Day. Anyway friends I wish you a happy day as well. 

Love your home and your pocket book.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Day In The Life Of A Work At Home Mom

A lot has been going on around here lately so I haven't been able to be as social but as promised I am here to share with you The Day In The Life Of A Work At Home Mom. If you've read my previous post you already know how hard it was for me to balance working from home and doing work for the home and its still a work in progress each day. In other words (the housework). I would totally get side tracked on a continuous basis, since I am a weirdo and I actually love to clean and organize I would prefer to that than what I am supposed to be doing getting the bills paid. Hmmm. Factor all of that out and you get complete lack of self discipline. I always had it in corporate America why not here. Maybe because I went from someone else managing me to me managing myself. Yeah that's it!!

Well I got my booty in gear and became an adult about it and things are working fine for me now. I print out a month's calendar, pencil in my work schedule along with anything that needs done for the kids and my month is planned.


This Day In The Life listed above isn't always perfect but what is nor is it always exact. It gives you an idea of what goes on around here though. Next school year I will have both of my girls in Middle School together so we will have to create a totally different schedule. Until next time.

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