Sunday, January 1, 2012

Who's Behind Yanli Home

So who's behind Yanli Home? Let me introduce myself my name is Delicia and I'm a wife of a great guy by the name of  Joe and a Mom of two beautiful girls named Ayanna and Aliya their names helped conceive Yanli Home. Ayanna means " beautiful flower" and Aliya means "highly exhalted one" depending on which origin you go by but they pretty much mean the same thing. Joe's middle sister Angela calls the three of them the "A" team which is self explanatory but also because the three of them share birthdays within days of one another how cute is that. We also have a four legged member of our family named Biscuit he's an American Bulldog who's over 100 pounds and loves attention from the ladies.

We live in an old fixer upper that's over 3decades old. So much has been done already pertaining to renovations and updates but we still have so much more to accomplish here and we'd like for you to join us with what the future holds.

I'm no stranger to blogging but what I used to do wasn't fully where my heart really was. Now I can finally say that it is. Like most people I am a lady who's head has been full of dreams since I was a youngster but somewhere over the years after marriage and our beautiful family I put my dreams on the back burner because well life set in and the only way we knew how to stay afloat was for me to go back to work to bring in a second income. That was the way our parents did it and well that's the only way that we knew how to do it. I was a stay at home Mom for 18months before that with Ayanna. Aliya never had the pleasure of Mommy being home with her as a baby poor sweetie has been in school her entire life it seems.

So here's the rundown on those dreams I'd mentioned earlier. You see ever since I was little I always wanted to be an interior designer and never pursued it. Also I've always had a thing about things being in their place so dreams of becoming a pro organizer worked its way into the equation of things that I didn't pursue. I cannnot forget to mention how I've always loved baking and crafts since I was about 12 years old. Now Ayanna is the little chef in our house and Aliya's dreams of designing clothes have already taken off, her Dad taught her how to use a sewing machine within mintues and the same day she sewed her 1st smock. Fancy that how DNA shuffles talents around and they never knew about  my past interests until recently.

My goal here at Yanli Home is to share a variety of our ideas with you from DIY projects, decorating, organizing, designing, recipes and so much more. So please be sure to subscribe and in the meantime if you have a question I'd love to receive it at

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  1. Hi Delicia,
    I have to admit that it was the name of your blog that captivated my imagination, but it will be the content that will keep me coming back. Unlike you, I am totally new ( 1month) to blogging and am trying to figure out the best/ most proficient way to do things. Hop over to my site and I would appreciate some help/advise. Keep up the good work!


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