Friday, January 6, 2012

New Breakfast Ideas For the Kiddos

I don't know if your kids are like mine but they actually prefer to eat right and exercise. Now I'm not saying they're perfect by any means, I have one who loves fruits and veggies and another who hand picks what she likes in those food groups but still she just like her lil' sis wants to do what she can to be healthy so I decided to change things up a bit from the same old same old. You know like grilled cheese on this day, pancakes on this day, oh I know! Cereal on another. By the way Aliya (my youngest is not a fan of cereal or oatmeal) so she's definitely my challenge but she's also the one who loves veggies from raw to cooked and adores any fruit. We'd noticed that our entire family had been packing the pounds but for the girls it was because they were no longer in any physical extracurriculars like they used to be.. Ayanna was a cheerleader this past Fall for her school football team but now the season is over so yeah! (as the girls would say) :)

So I came up with two options this week to add to the breakfast menu, by the way they both contained eggs so I prepared to get creative with how I prepared them. **Notice I use the word so a lot?** Oh well. I've shared some pics of what I made. If you haven't heard about my camera fiasco you can read about it here. Then you'll understand why the shots aren't at there best. I can barely see my images on my screen before I shoot. sniff. sniff.

Since I have one girl in middle school now and one in her last year of grade school the girls have different schedules therefore breakfast for them is as at different times. Ayanna had this for breakfast as well and was on the school bus once I had a chance to snap this. I take turns eating breakfast with each of the girls on alternating days if I have time. Thursday was Aliya's day and yes I ate from a kiddie plate hey I'm sure you've done it too.

Okay so this is what I call our 'Egg White and Cheese Bagelwich' I basically separated the egg whites from the yolks. I learned to do this with the eggshells after I crack them so I don't use an egg separator but if you have one great! I pretty much fry the eggs in a nonstick pan and place them on the bagels with a slice of cheddar cheese. I actually toasted the bagels in the pan 1st before I cooked the eggs. I try my best to balance our meals with something healthy as much as possible so Aliya had strawberries and I had them with bananas. Let's not forget an ice cold kiddie serving of o.j.

Today I made a pretty good breakfast burrito. Here I made the eggs scrambled with only one yolk to  the other eggs which gave them them a slightly yellow color almost like Egg Beaters. I also made bacon on my George Foreman Grill to rid all of that extra fat. Now its time to get creative. Depending on your preference you can add a little shredded cheese, salsa, a dallop of Daisy etc. Roll it up and enjoy. Today we had grapes on the side with a kid sized serving of a.j. (that's apple juice teehee).

My mom gave me this tid bit that if I'm not mistaken she got from my big bro. When cooking on your indoor grill we all know that it can be a mess at times to clean. Just place aluminum foil on the grill plates, cook then throw away when finished. Cleanup is a snap and you see how crispy that bacon is? Love it!

I'd love to here about some of your breakfast ideas.

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