Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Make Grocery Shopping a Breeze Plus Organizing Tips

I know that everyone's starting with a clean slate seeing that its the beginning of a brand New Year and as I was in the midst my weekly menu planning plus grocery list this past weekend I thought about all of you. For some time now we have had a system that works great for us. If I'm not mistaken my hubby came up with the idea and its been a weekly ritual of ours ever since.

In the beginning we would take a scrap sheet of paper or an opened and empty envelope to draw a line straight down the middle, one side would contain our menu and the other our shopping list. We always jot down the menu 1st then we start the list with the the things that we buy on a weekly basis like milk, fruit, lunch items for the kids etc. then from there we'll add anything that we need from the menu side plus miscellaneous if applicable and we're done.

Since the days back when, I've made up a printable to work with instead. It can be printed as often as you would like or to save paper it can be laminated and you can use a washable pen to jot things down. The menu side has the days of the week to easily organize the days you'd like to have breakfast, lunch and dinner (which are initialed under each day). There is a snack section below that can be used separately as you may like to change those items around a bit as we do. I'd like to share this printable with you. Let me know what you think.

                         (download free printable here).


  1. Hi Delicia! This is great! I so need to do something like this. Meal planning is the one area I am NOT organized in! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! You are so kind and supportive. I really appreciate it! So nice to "meet" you. :)

    1. Hi Erin! So nice to meet you as well. No need for thanks :) I'm so glad that you find the printable helpful it has done wonders for us and it helps to avoid unnecessary purchases like duplicate items. I owe you thanks for being my 1st commentor on my new blog in progress.


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