Monday, February 20, 2012

Nellies Laundry Soap Review

Right around the holidays I purchased a brand new laundry soap since I've been trying to stay away from as many  perfumes and dyes as possible. The reason for my search for the best laundry system for our family is due to Aliya having mild eczema that only shows up every once and awhile. I've tried a few things and I really do like this laundry soap.

The oxygen brightener is really good as well. The whole idea of it is supposed to remind you of OxiClean to brighten your loads.

You only need one tiny scoop of the laundry soap to wash one whole load the suds aren't from sulfates like most soaps meaning it eventually dissolves but it still has enough cleaning power to do the job. I love it that everything is natural. There's no perfumes so you smell nothing but clean.

You don't need fabric softener because the little lavender sticks you see in the small glass jar is all you need, one fits right inside one of their laundry balls and lasts up to two years. Wow is that savings or what? I'm not getting compensated for writing this review but I thought I'd share how I really love the product and I'm pretty much out now and would love it if I could get my hands on more quickly.

Have you gone green in your laundry room? If so what do you use or what have you tried?


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  2. sounds like a great product for my daughter...she has very sensitive skin...thanks!!

  3. @momto8 it really is. I went out to get something else because I ran out Nellies and sure enough my daughter developed a spot of eczema on her arm and I haven't seen that in months. I'm a believer :-)

  4. Keep an eye out at Marshall's/Home Goods for these products. I just scored a 50 load laundry soda for $4 the other day!

  5. That's awesome Sarah Jane! Thanks so much for the comment. I'll definitely have to do that. I'm always looking for a great deal. Thanks for stopping by.


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