Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fish Tacos

I'd like to apologize ahead of time for not being prepared to share step by step photos of this easy peasy meal. Can you believe that I didn't think to share this until I took my first bite? For your sake I didn't take a pic of that one. It was sooo good. Things were really busy around the house which they normally are. Once three o' clock rolls around and its time for the girls to come home from school one after another my attention goes to dinner prep, chats about school, homework, then I start cleaning, blahhh, blah, blahhh, blah, blah.

Here's where things get a little funny. #1 the only photo I did take was from my Droid phone and #2 Yes my delish meal was taken on a foam plate. On our busier days and nights we eat on foam plates. We haven't had a dishwasher for years {long story} so the less I have to wash the better.

Fish tacos

Yanli Home Easy Fish Taco Recipe:

{What You'll Need}

Salmon Fillets
Corn Tortillas
Seasoning Salt

You can actually use any type of boneless fish that you choose. I used Salmon Fillets found at Walmart. They come frozen in individually wrapped packages. 

After thawed and cleaned. I seasoned them with a little salt, pepper and seasoning salt. That's it nothing fancy. You can let it marinate if you wish but it you have a hungry family to feed lets just keep going.

Warm up a skillet with about 1-2 tablespoons of oil. Nonstick spray is fine as well. I prefer the oil just to rest assure that the fish won't stick to the pan. I cook the fish for several minutes on each side. The fillets should be beautifully golden. Once done put the fish on a plate to cool.

Now use another pan to make your corn tortilla shells or if you prefer you can use pre made shells.

*This step is for cooking your own shells
When pan is warmed place the tortilla in and warm both sides then fold into taco shell shape, cook each side to desired texture. Ayanna usually likes soft ones due to her braces, Aliya likes them crunchy and Joe and I like them medium so this is perfect. We all get what we want and its no hassle.

You can now take a fork and pull the fish fillets apart. It should be very very easy to do. Now do as you would normally when making tacos and top with  lettuce, tomato, cheese and Voila! Dinner is done.


  1. Looks simple enough to try! :) I love anything 'fishy'!

    1. @MercyMathews smiles to your comment :-)

  2. I'm sure gonna try this one out. It looks really tasty. Visiting from

    1. @Maxwell I wish I had a clear photo to share but yes it really was tasty. There were no left overs.

  3. yummy, easy and healthy...pretty good!

    1. @Momto8 yes it really is. I love it when my meals are approved by my kids.

  4. Fish tacos sound delicious! I bet my kids would enjoy your recipe!


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