Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Fun and Rants

Boy this Summer has gone by really fast I cannot believe that my girls will be back in school in only several weeks. They visited my parents for two weeks in Michigan as soon as Summer Break began. As soon as my parents brought them back off to Michigan City, Indiana we went for fun in the sun and lots of beach time on Lake Michigan.

 I tried to catch Aliya making a hand heart against the sunset after several attempts her arms were tired so this had to do.

This was after the sun had set on the horizon.

 The girls spent so much time on the water, they even got the hang of the kayak's for the 1st time.


Here is the view from the beach house. This is beautiful Lake Kai, the same lake that the girls got to work on their kayaking skills.

Can you believe it not even an hour after we returned home. A terrible storm rolled in with 80mph winds and it knocked down my kids fave tree. Thank God that we and the car were all fine but we will definitely miss our tree, it practically grew up with the girls.

 Have a great one and remember to love your home.

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