Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Vacation Organization

Can you believe it?  Summer vacation is finally here. I'm not sure what's usually the first thing on your list to kick off your summer to do list but to keep my mind at ease. I put the girls to work right away on the first full day of Summer Vacay.

I have them gather up anything that they brought home from school. That includes supplies, tests, quizzes, etc. and we pretty much have a purge party.

Here's what things looked like after the process. I know it looks like junk but let me tell you why. Well, I left this here to show you first of all the piles of stuff they brought home. Trust me it was much neater before this because everything had a home.

We go through absolutely everything and they don't have a problem with it. I grab shopping bags as trash bags seen in the photo and they go through their binders and pull out things that aren't needed any longer. Old quizzes, tests and even important handouts that they can possibly use for the next school year we keep. I take those and put them in sheet protectors and either put them in a binder or an acordian file folder for reference. Any supplies like pens, pencils, pencil pouch, lunch bag, back pack etc. are stored away if they are in good shape. I say why waste money if my child's supplies still look great.

Next school year both of my girls will be in Middle School. No more babies in elementary :(  I really hope this post helps someone. I rather get rid of the unwanted now and not bother them with it mid summer, don't you agree?

Until next time. Have a great Summer!!!!

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